RATAS object definition card info

The RATAS object definition cards use the EXPRESS data definition language from ISO STEP standard. However, we have selected to use a specific modelling style in order to allow evolutionary process of data definition. Each entity type (~object class) is defined on a sheet which is as much independent of other entity definitions as possible. The sheets include following sections:

Illustration: A figure showing the thing to be defined and its main parts.

Description: Textual description in common language defining the thing, its properties, composite parts and relationships to other things. The description is what one might find in a glossary of terms.

EXPRESS-G diagram: Data definition of the thing as an EXPRESS-G diagram. We have adopted a specific notation for the sheets:
EXPRESS code: An alphanumeric, computer interpretable data definition is presented in EXPRESS language. By using comment lines (starting with "--") we have separated the attributes for composite parts, properties and related things as in EXPRESS-G diagrams. Entity definitions on other data cards are accessible via hyperlinks.

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