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Contract information:
  • Project acronym: ROADCON
  • Project name: Strategic Roadmap towards Knowledge-driven “sustainable” Construction
  • Contract no: IST-2001-37278
  • Total cost: 500 000 €
  • Commission funding: 500 000 €
  • Key Action: II New methods of work and electronic commerce
  • Action line: IST2002 - II.1.2: Strategic roadmaps for applied research
  • List of participants:
    Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment(CSTB), Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Garas Consultants Limited (GCL), University of Salford (USAL), Loughborough University (, Nemetschek AG (NEM), Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI), GTM Construction (GTM-C).

    Project main goal(s):
    The overall aim of the ROADCON project, as an Accompanying Measure to develop a Strategic Roadmap for RTD projects and supporting measures in the Construction industry, is to prepare from a strategic point of view future research and development for ICT in Construction. The objectives are:

  • To establish a forum of key actors in the European Building Construction (B&C) sector composed of members contributing towards construction goals within and beyond FP6.
  • To achieve consensus on common research and development priorities, realising tools, infrastructures and processes for design, construction and maintenance.
  • To develop a vision for agile, model-based / knowledge driven construction and to indicate a roadmap towards achieving that vision.
  • To suggest practical measures for developing, agreeing, promoting standards to be adopted by the industry.
  • To set up a mechanism by which key indicators be defined, and collected as part of a systematic, ongoing impact analysis of RTD projects.
  • To suggest methods to support the integrated initiative, and develop a new way of project working and co-ordination.
  • To suggest methods for close co-operation of projects.

    Key issues:
    The ROADCON project suggests the vision of model-based, knowledge driven ICT in the construction sector as the main enabler for realisation of important societal, environmental, industrial and business priorities.

    Technical approach:
       The duration of ROADCON is 12 months.
       The work is structured and carried out in 4 work packages, with an additional one on the top-level management of the project and the organisation of the projects cluster:

  • WP1: Management of the Strategic Roadmap, including Roadmap administrative control, liaison with the EC, Co-ordination of activities, links between the core team and other partners, organisation of workshops.
  • WP2: Management Procedures for an Integrated Project. Management procedures adapted for a project involving a large number of partners (with possible divergent goals) are to be put in place to accompany the project in a co-ordinated but flexible way (especially to be able to pace with technology advances).
  • WP3: Shared and global Vision. The vision will first be suggested by the core team and then presented to the industry for dialog and validation. The national core partners and contact points in other countries, will liaise with national interest communities to refine and validate the vision. The consortium intends to draw on the services of professional facilitators for international dissemination and consensus building workshops. 
  • WP4: ICT framework. The core team will suggest an initial list of relevant topics and then invite feedback from the interest community. The list will include generic, and specific themes as well as integration scenarios related to ICTs in Construction. These should be the basis to develop a future recognised and respected understanding in industry of common standards and technologies.
  • WP5: The roadmap. A roadmap including a prioritised and scheduled list of actions allowing to implement the vision of ICT in B&C and to achieve the impact on B&C will be proposed. The roadmap will be suggested by the core team and then be presented to the industry for a dialog and validation. The roadmap will include scoping of themes and scheduling for future RTD activities, general guidelines for dissemination, promotion and deployment activities.

    Expected achievements /impact:
    The key results of ROADCON are:

  • Establish a 1st draft of the ROADCON vision based on Industry needs and requirements and set up the initial community of interest through workshops and conferences.
  • Set-up an "industry steering committee".
  • Disseminate the initial vision and strategy.
  • Provide the EC with materials to launch FP6 calls for proposals.
  • Publish and present the final ROADMAP results, including the implementation approach.
  • Deploy and implement the ROADCON vision.

    Coordinator Contact details:
    Alain ZARLI
    Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment(CSTB)
    BP209, 06904 Sophia Antipolis, France.
    Tel: +33 4 93 95 67 36

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