Web links related to ROADCON
CEN/ISSS/WS/eConstruction - CEN/ISSS workshop on eConstruction (Prepares standards in the core area of ROADCON; several partners are actively involved)
e-CORE - European Construction Research Network. Thematic Network in the GROWTH program promoting construction related RTD towards FP6. (ROADCON collaborates with e-CORE focusing on Information Technology issues)
ENBRI - The Europen Network of Building Research Institutes. (Several ENBRI members participate in ROADCON as partners or Support Group members)
ENCORD - The Europen Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development (Many ENCORD members participate in the ROADCON support group)
EOI - Expressions of Interest to participate in FP6, submitted to the EC in June 2002.
FP6 - 6th Framework Programme (ROADCON will suggest RTD activities to FP6)
GROWTH - Competitive and Sustainable Growth is one of the four thematic programmes of the Fifth RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002). (ROADCON is mainly addressing topics of IST but also to some degree GROWTH)
IAI - International Alliance for Interoperability. (Interoperability in construction is a main priority of ROADCON)
ICCI - InterConnecting Construction Industry. Cluster project in IST programme. (ROADCON builds on the state of the art from FP5)
IST - Information Society Technologies program under Framework Programme 5. (ROADCON partners are active participants in many IST projects)
Key Action 2 - New Methods of Work & Electronic Commerce. Part of IST program. (ROADCON is one of IST KA2 roadmaps)
National programs - Our links to national RTD programs related to ICT in the construction sector
NMP - Nanotechnologies and nano-sciences, knowledge-based functional materials, new production processes and devices (NMP will address RTD in new production processes)
PRODAEC - European Network for Product and Project Data Exchange, e-Work and e-Business in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Thematic Network project in IST programme. (Several ROADCON partners are members of PRODAEC)
Roadmaps - Roadmap Projects in IST Key Action II New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce (ROADCON is one of 29 roadmaps)
  • See also our links to IST KA2 roadmaps and some other roadmaps in various industrial areas (ROADCON has looked at roadmaps in other domains)
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