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  Strategic Roadmap towards Knowledge-Driven Sustainable Construction
ROADCON project main goal(s):
The overall aim of the ROADCON project, as an Accompanying Measure to develop a Strategic Roadmap for RTD projects and supporting measures in the Construction industry, is to prepare from a strategic point of view future research and development for ICT in Construction. 

ROADCON project will:

  • Establish a forum of key actors in the European Building Construction (B&C) sector composed of members contributing towards construction goals within and beyond FP6.
  • Achieve consensus on common research and development priorities, realising tools, infrastructures and processes for design, construction and maintenance.
  • Develop a vision for agile, model-based / knowledge driven construction and to indicate a roadmap towards achieving that vision.
  • Suggest practical measures for developing, agreeing, promoting standards to be adopted by the industry.
  • Set up a mechanism by which key indicators be defined, and collected as part of a systematic, ongoing impact analysis of RTD projects.
  • Suggest methods to support the integrated initiative, and develop a new way of project working and co-ordination.
  • Suggest methods for close co-operation of projects.

ROADCON project consists of 5 Work Packages:

  • WP1: ROADCON Co-ordination and management
  • WP2: Management Procedures for an Integrated Project
  • WP3: Shared and global vision
  • WP4: Construction ICT Framework
  • WP5: The ROADCON roadmap

Coordinator: Alain ZARLI, CSTB Updated