COVE - Model based cost estimation

Name of the practice
COVE (cost and value engineering) is a CAE tool to transform heterogenous design information into a product model for cost estimation and construction planning. COVE can import & export data in the standard IFC format. It provides capabilities to transform non-standard CAD data ("non-intelligent" drawings) into the product model.
Construction phase
Cost estimation and tendering.
Actors involved
Designers and contractors.
Actual cases
YIT Corporation, a contractor in Finland, uses COVE to prepare tenders and cost estimates in building construction projects. They also use it in early inception stage of self-developed projects.

In some cases design consultants having close collaboration with YIT use compatible systems.

Strategic stakes
COVE provides the following benefits: independence of standards and data formats of other actors, rapid creation of product model, reduction of tender preparation time, inceased accuracy of cost estimate and re-use of company standard solutions.
Gain in productivity
Tender preparation in a typical appartment house project is reduced from two weeks to 1 day.
Necessary means
A basic component of COVE is Design++, a knowledge based engineering system. A considerable effort is needed to configure the software to integrate it with the company's cost databases and libraries of construction methods. High performance PC with NT operating system is required. End users should have experience in cost estimation and fair knowledge of IT.
Related applications
COVE uses data from CAD systems for building design and prepares data to estimation and planning applications.