Concrete case "Myllypelto"

Example from practice

The Myllypelto project consists of 126 appartments. Total area of construction is 11 487 m2 and volume is 36 530 m3.

In Myllypelto contract was given to NCC Puolimatka without actual bidding due the broad recearch and development task carried out by the contractor. Design work started in August 1995 and construction work began in april 1996 and was finished in april 1997.

In Myllypelto main partners were contractor - NCC Puolimatka, Client -State housinh fund, User - As Oy Myllypelto, Designers - Helamaa and Pulkkinen(arcitecture), Optiplan Oy(structural,element&electrisity),Reijo Patronen Oy(heating,water&air)Helsinki city Geotecnical department(geo).