NCC - Project data bank

Name of the practice

NCC - Shared project databank is used for gathering project data to single location. All partners in project have access to relevant information in the databank. Through the databank all partners are able to influence design process by giving material or design suggestions to each other.

Construction Phase

Databank will be opened as soon as possible and it will be open for the duration of the project. After completion there will be limited access for some personnel to the databank

Actors involved

All designers and other project partners including subcontractors and material vendors

Actual cases

NCC Puolimatka Oy, a contractor in Finland, have been using project databanks for more than a hundred projects so far. They have used the same prosedure in national and also in international projects (for instance in Russia).

Strategic stakes

Shared databanks provide the following advantages: cooperation between different partners in construction projects easier hence better. Partners are able to influence the design process in early phase to suggest other (more suitable) methods or material to the project - hence save money.

Gain in productivity

The timwtable of the whole process is shorter. Also decisions are better planned and evaluated. Therefore there are not so meny last moment changes. Proper use of databank shortens the time of changes in project to reach all partners. Also hardcopies of different draft versions on drawings and reports become unnecessary.

Necessary means

The main component of Project databank is server with data communications. The databank can be established in different platforms and by anybody in the project. Establishing an maintaining of project databank can also be bought from third party, for example from ENEF.

Related applications

It is important that all relevant documents are put in to the databank. All drawings and relevant documentation should be found from the databank.