Concrete case

Concrete case

  Pekka Salminen Architects was founded in Helsinki Finland 1968. The office is involved in all fields of architectural practice. Our staff includes professionals in urban planning, architectural and interior design, graphic design and signage, as well as multimedia presentation techniques and project management.

Design and planning of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport since 1987 has offered tasks in every field of our practice. We were among the first users of computer aided design tools in Finland. We have special expertise in 3D-modelling and visualization. Recently we have developed animation and multimedia presentation for use as a tool in architectural work. The 3D-animation of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Middle Terminal, which is partly presented in this practice, was done during the time of 1992-1995. Architectural CD-Rom of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Middle Terminal is also available. The construction of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Middle Terminal shall be finished by the end of the year 1999.

Helsinki - Vantaa Airport /
Middle Terminal

Concert Hall in a
Gothic Cathedral

Other architectural visualization sample project, Concert Hall Marienkirche in Neubrandenburg Germany, is also shortly presented. This project is also completely animated and the 3D-animation video was done during the time of 1996-1998. Because of the development of the animation programs, especially the animation of lighting has significantly improved in this animation. The Concert Hall Marienkirche is under construction at the moment.

Architect Erkki Rousku has done both these animations.