Impact assessment

Measured benefits

  For the architect the animation and visualization is one basic design tool among others to improve the quality of the total design process. The animation and visualization is not a separate design phase, but on the contrary it is a continuous process from project development phase to operation of the building. It helps the design and construction of complicated details, the different design variations may be studied, as well is particularly useful for conceptual design.

For the Client, owners and users, the animation obviously gives absolutely fine image of the end product. It is an ideal visual tool for decision making process in the complex field of planning and realisation.

High quality visualization is also an effective marketing tool for the owner of the future buildings and facilities. The contractor and the engineering specialists also may use the animation as a design tool for construction and for special fields of engineering. It also gives a goal of the quality that all the parties involved should achieve.

The output of visualization may be used also in brochures, reports and CD-roms of the project.

With a large presents a wealth of various promotional material is required for reporting, decision-making and marketing purposes. Promotional material has included modified CAD drawings, model pictures and 3D illustrations. This area of computer technology connected with desktop publishing and lay-out design has traditionally belonged to the field of advertising agencies but is equally well suited to the sphere of architectural design. However, it does require fluency in state-of-the-art printing technology as well as the equipment and software used therein.