PES - Animated 3D in architectural design

Name of the practice
Visualization and animations in architectural design is a chief designers (architects) fairly new IT-tool in a design process, which has recently made its breakthrough in demanding presents.
Construction Phase
Continuous process from project development phase to operation of the building.
Actors involved
  • Chief designer (architect), visualization and animation specialist (architect)
  • Client, owners and users
  • In some cases also contractors, engineering specialists

    Actual cases
    The 3D-animation of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Middle Terminal, which is partly presented in this practice, was done during the time of 1992-1995.
    Other architectural visualization sample project, Concert Hall Marienkirche in Neubrandenburg Germany, is also shortly presented.
    Strategic stakes
    For the architect the animation and visualization is one design tool among others to improve the quality of the total design and construction process. High quality animation and visualization shall be part of the design process in all demanding and complex projects.
    Gain in productivity
    On demanding projects visualization and animation increases the quality of the whole design and construction process.
    Necessary means
    2D-plans and detail drawings.
    High performance PC's linked in net and sophisticated 3D-software. These are explained more detailed in Part: Overview.
    Cooperation and creative human resources are as important factors as soft- and hardware.
    Related applications
    Animation may be integrated for example with virtual acoustical design and virtual lighting design as in the project of Marienkirche has been done.
    Animation may be integrated to all fields of special engineering design, bills of quantities, cost estimation and planning of construction phases.