Work packages of SCENIC project

WP1 Project

1.1 Strategy and global policy definition / LEMA
1.2 Administrative project management / MDVL
1.3 Public relations / ConsIT
WP2 Needs
and practices

/ ConsIT
2.1 Identifying the potential use of IT/ LGCH
2.2 Undertaking betchmarking and comparision of practices/ ConsIT
2.3 International comparision of national construction strategies/ CETE
2.4 Acquiring SMEs view and requirements/ CSTB
WP3 Survey of
RTD actions

3.1 Research database/ KTH
3.2 On-going RTD projects survey/ CSTB
3.3 Fitness of research results to professional needs and expectations/ LEMA
WP4 Dissemi-
nation actions

4.1 Disseminating best practices and results/ MDVL
4.2 Production of educational kit/ LAMIH
4.3 IT standards dissemination/ KTH
4.4 Definition of communication approaches/ CSTB
WP5 Network

5.1 Information systems magement/ LGCH
5.2 Definition of the structure of the network/ CSTB
5.3 Links with other initiatives/ ConsIT
5.4 Business plan and national marketing actions/ MDVL
Other contacts
  • WWW and FTP administration/ CSTB
  • Newsletter/ ConsIT

  • Local SCENIC page at VTT
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