Alternative building processes

Realization of a building process is a mighty joint-effort by numerous of parties and there is an abundance of altenatives to organize the tasks and activities needed. Alternative building processes are modelled within COSMOS project "Construction process models" of STAR research program "System engineering in construction" at VTT Building Technology.

Figure: Building process as interorganizational team-work


  • There is an abundance of procurement paths to bring together the parties of the fragmented building industry for the implementation of a building project.
  • The problems associated with traditional modes of operation, increasing competition and aknowledgement of the client's needs are forcing companies to develop new processes and forms of servise.


  • Systematic description of the main building processes at the overall level by paying special attention on the roles and interfaces of the parties.
  • Identified similarities between various subprocesses and activities existing in different parts of a certain process or in different processes.


  • Works as a test bench for the 'genericity' of the 'library modules' that will be completed by the subprojects 'Design and Production process models'.
  • Gives a guideline whenever complete building process models are constructed for various development purposes by using 'library modules'.

    Impact on process lead time

  • Indirect only

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