Construction Process Models (COSMOS)


Construction is generally implemented in the form of one-off projects, both the buildings and the project organizations being individual. In the future, greater emphasis on individuality and technical systems requiring different kinds of specialization will lead to increasingly demanding projects. Correspondingly the increased number of involved parties and the significant interdependence of the work stages that they perform will further complicate the process. A figure is available here

On the other hand, also the problems associated with traditional modes of operation have, to a large extend, been recognized, which is, as well as increasing competition, forcing companies to develop new products and forms of service. These developments will increase the multiplicity in construction processes. The consequence will be delivery entities and responsibilities that vary from one project to another, and thus, management of the building procurement and the unification of different parties will become even more important.

Concentration on management issues is demanded also by the speeding-up the construction process, which is one of the central competition means in the dynamically changing business environment.


The aims are to develop systematic models of rapid construction as well as research capabilities for their testing and introduction.


Information technologies, such as object-oriented modelling methods, as well as functional and conceptual modelling techniques will be exploited. The general basis for the development of the construction process is provided by the new production concepts and supporting methods (Total Quality Management, Just In Time, Time based competition, Re-engineering, Lean production etc.). In addition, an effort will be made to include an ongoing construction project as a pilot project.


Anticipated results are following:

The results are introduced in detail on the reverse side of the leaflet.


The modelling and integration tool and the connected process model are used in the further development and detailed finishing, in individual cases, of the stepwise acceleration models for the construction project. In practice, it allows the evaluation of alternate implementation solutions for the construction project, the planning of various project- and company-specific processes and assists in the development and documentation of quality systems. At the same time, the model and its scopes of liabilities form the key tools for setting intermediate goals for the construction project, the coordination of various parties' work and the drawing up of contracts and implementation-phase monitoring and control, ie. by utilizing the computerized browser.

Resources and organizations

The project is implemented during 1994-1996 by the VTT Building Technology with a contribution from VTT Automation. Total efforts by researchers are corresponding with more than ten person-years. In addition, a number of company experts are involved as cooperative partners.

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Results in detail

Results on four areas are to be received from the Construction process models -project as follows (fig.):

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