QFD in improving constructability

The QFD application for constructability is developed within CRUX project "Design for Construction" of STAR research program " System engineering in construction" at VTT Building Technology


QFD (Quality Function Deployment) is a tool for verifying client requirements and needs to product characteristics and properties. It has been applied successfully in other industries. In STAR COMET, QFD has been tested in customer oriented building design. In CRUX, the objective is to define the possibilities QFD offers for improving constructability.


QFD is not developed for one-off type product development but rather for the management of a continuous product development process. In construction industry, QFD is most suitable for the development of building products; components and materials. CRUX will focus on the use of QFD while analysing constructability aspects in a building component development process. Project will produce a methodology for continuous product development towards better constructability. Methodology consists of:


Methodology will be applied by building component producers as part of their product development cycle.

Impact on process lead time

Direct impact through better constructability of building components.

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