Production Data Model

The Production Data Model is developed within CRUX project "Design for Construction" of STAR research program " System engineering in construction" at VTT Building Technology


Need for open data exchange technology in construction management systems. Conceptual data models for product-activity integration mechanisms are needed to show how product models can be linked to production management systems.


Conceptual model for production management (site process). The model consists of a core model and four related submodels. The core model includes only perspective-independent properties while submodels may have some perspective-dependent properties. Submodels are:
  1. cost estimation data model
  2. scheduling data model
  3. purchases planning data model
  4. production resources data model
Constructability aspects are considered in each submodel.


Production Data Model is intended to be used either as:
  • A basis for implementation of integrated software (e.g. in PICTOR project)
  • A reference model when defining more detailed conceptual production models into specific application areas
  • A basis for nomenclature in teaching and developing new production management systems
  • A conceptual schema in data exchange standardization.

    Impact on process lead time

    Indirect through common concepts Indirectly via applications that use production data model

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