STAR Events & dates

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This list is maintained mainly for the STAR research program at VTT Building Technology. Some events are internal for STAR program. The listed events are related to topics like:
  • construction process re-engineering
  • customer oriented design, requirement engineering
  • product - process - enterprise modelling
  • concurrent engineering in construction
  • construction information management
    See also our other lists of events.

    New events & dates

    Lists of new events and dates are maintained in separate files by different STAR project teams
    and are merged into this file at time to time.

    Help on STAR list of events and dates

    Event dates are in format yymmdd in order to allow easy sorting by date.

    Link to person who has more information about the event is shown in brackets e.g. [Person]. He/she may have a conference announcement, a call for papers, proceedings etc. and is likely to be able to help you to contact the organisers.

    When available a link is provided to additional information provided by the organiser e.g. [www].

    The events participated by members of the VTT STAR research program are in bold text. We probably have proceedings, reports etc. from these events.

    You are welcome to send us information about additional events in the domains of construction information technology, process re-engineering, product-process-enterprise modelling, concurrent engineering etc. We appreciate if you will send it in format:

    YYMMDD Information about event.
    [<A HREF="mailto:Some.Body@email.address">Contact Person</A>
    | <A HREF="http://www.some.where/info.html">WWW info link</A>]

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