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January 95

950117 Workshop on Computer Supported Bid Preparation, BIBA, Bremen, Germany [Matti]

950125-26 European Product Data Technology Days 95. Using STEP in the industry, Münich, Germany [Kari]

950131 Annual plan 1995 of STAR research program. [Matti]

March 95

950315 Brite-Euram, Esprit, Joule. Call for EC research proposals closed. The STAR team was involved in submitted proposals: CORE, REBUS, CONCUR, TOCEE, ELSEWISE, WIND-UP, LEAN, SOLECO. [Matti | Pekka]

950320-24 ISO/STEP, Sydney, Australia. [Kari | www ]

950331 Annual report 1994 of STAR research program. [Matti]

950331 Product and Process Modelling in Large Scale Engineering Industries. Microcomputers In Civil Engineering. Special issue. Deadline for abstracts [Matti]

April 95

950401-0531 STAR team member Vesa Karhu staying as guest researcher at TNO BOW studying process modelling methods & tools.

950420-21 Working Conference on Reengineering the Enterprise, IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing Working Group 5.7. UC Galway [Matti | Tutu Wegelius-Lehtonen]

May 95

950508-09 KTH ITB doctoral student, 2nd workshop, Majvik, Finland [Kari]

950508-0509 13th International CIB World Congress "Research and Technology", Development as an investment in the construction industry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Pertti]

950508-09 International Conference on Rapid Product Development ICRPD, Stuttgart, Germany [Matti]

950510 Japan-Netherlands open building meeting, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; by invitation only [Pertti]

950522 STEP Product data technology. Internal miniworkshop VTT. [Kari | www]

950522-23 CIB W24 Open Industrialisation in Building meeting, VTT [Pertti | Asko]

950529-30 Product data management and STEP. 2-day course in Finnish on STEP. VTT, Organised by VTT and EuroSTEP. [Kari]

June 95

950601 Product data management seminar. Hewlett-Packard Oy. Espoo.

950602 EDIBUILD meeting in Paris [Mika]

950605-07 ASCE, Second Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering, AEC Systems'95, Atlanta, Georgia, USA [Virtual Trade Show] [Kari]

950625-30 ISO/STEP & IGES/PDES. Washington DC, USA [Kari | www]

July 95

950712-15 6th International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, Berlin, Germany. [KJS]

August 95

950806-11 SIGGRAPH, Anaheim, California

950813-16 Conference on Organizational Computing Systems (COOCS'95). Milpitas, California, USA. Sponsored by ACM SIGOIS. [www]

950816 RAKNET - Suomen koko rakennusalaa hyödyttävän tietoverkkoinfrastruktuurin kehitys. VTT Rakennustekniikka, Kemistintie 3 klo 9.00-10.30 [Tapio Leino,]

950817 EDM Workshop, Los Angeles, UCLA campus [host: Chuck Eastman]

950819 INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, IJCAI'95 WORKSHOP, Montreal, Canada, [Norman M. Sadeh (workshop chair) | www]

950821-23 CIB W78 TG10 Workshop Modeling of Buildings through their Life-cycle, Stanford University, August 21-23, 1995. [Paper by M.Hannus | Organisers | Info]

950822-24 ICED 95, Praha, Design Science for and in Design Practice [Pekka | Mika]

September 95

950913-15 Integration in Manufacturing (IiM), European Information Technology Programme (ESPRIT), Vienna, Austria. Deadline for submission: 950609. [Matti | call for participation | welcome]

950915 Call for Esprit research proposals closed. [Matti]

950914-16 ArchComp-95 - "Architects and Computers". International Seminar on Architecture and Urban Planning. SAFA [Paper by M.Hannus]

950917-21 7th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology. 21st Design Automation Conference. JSME Symposium on Design and Production. Computer Integrated Concurrent Design Conference. ASME. Boston [Pekka]

950919 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, IJCAI'95 Workshop, Montreal, Canada [Matti]

950920-22 Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) Futures '95, National University of Singapore. [www | Matti]

950921 Introduction to QFD method. VTT Building Technology.

950927-30 Mid-term evaluation of STAR research program

October 95

951002 RATAS-seminar: Building design and information technology. Introduction of R&D project (in Finnish). TELE, Sturenkatu 16, Helsinki 9.00-16.30 [Markku Salmi Tel. 694 4911]

951003 IT-Byggdagen 1995, IT-strategier inom företag och notionellt [Sekretariat | Matti]

951005-06 Professional Design-Build: A National Conference for Owners and Practitioners. San Francisco. Stanford University & Design-Build Institute of America. [Veijo Nykänen | Matti]

951012-14 STEP95, Organised by VTT, MET, EuroSTEP [Kari | FinnSTEP]

951012-14 Adopting Information Technology to Design and Construction - The Impact on Productivity. CIB W65 Annual Meeting. Cincinnati, USA [Pertti | www]

951016-17 Achieving Productivity Gains from Information Technologies, Management Centre Europe, Brussels, [Paul Strassmann, the guru]

951016-18 Third Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC), Albuquerque, New Mexico [Lauri | Contact: Greg Howell]

951019-21 IT Futures in Construction - Bring reality into Focus, CIB W82-W78 [Pekka]

951019-22. Computing in Design: Enabling, Capturing and Sharing Ideas, ACADIA'95, Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture [Matti]

951022-28 ISO/STEP. Grenoble, France [Kari]

951025-27 HITEC-95 Exhibition. CAD/CAM Finland 95 Seminars: Success Stories 25.10., New productivity factors 26.10. Softprod special - Three seminars about software testing. Tampere, Finland. The bi-annual CAD/CAM happening in Finland. Lots of exhibitors. [CAD/CAM Association]

November 95

951108 EDI-Roadshow, Live presentations by Swedish and Finnish companies of EDI solutions in construction, Partek Auditorium, Sörnäisten rantatie, Helsinki [ www | Registration | Swedish team | Matti]

951108-11 Models and Methodologies for Enterprise Integration (EI95), IFIP Working Conference of TC5 Special Interest Group on Architectures for Enterprise Integration, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. Attendance on invitation only. [www]

951113-17 COMDEX/Fall'95 - Information Technology Marketplace for Resellers and Corporate Decision Makers [ www ]

951123 STEP'95 - Product data management and exchange. Seminar organised by VTT, MET (Finnish association of mechanical industry) and EuroSTEPsys Oy. [registration | info | FinSTEP]

951127-29 EITC'95 - European IT Conference (Esprit). DG III - Industry. Brussels.
951129 Application of concurrent engineering to the LSE industry (ATLAS, CIMsteel, COMBI, COMBINE) [www | Matti]

951130 Deadline for submission of papers to Information Technology in Civil & Structural Engineering Aug 96

951130-1201 The Value Contribution of IT to Business, The 4th Global Conference on Information Management, Management Centre Europe, Brüssels [Matti]

December 95

951211-14 Fourth International World Wide Web Conference Boston, Massachusetts, USA [ www | Vesa ]

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