TISSUE aimed at identifying and specifying trends to be measured in order to properly determine the progress towards sustainable development of the urban environment at local level in support of the EU Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment (TSUE). 


The results of trends analyses are shown in
Assessment of demand and identification of trends to measure progress towards sustainable development of urban environment in Europe.

The summary of the TISSUE workshop which gave feedback about important trends is shown in 1st CITY TEAM WORKSHOP.

The following table lists the titles of trends, which the TISSUE project assessed as relevant with regard to TSUE. A trend expresses direction or tendency in which something tends to move or to change. The following trends either express issues that are changing - for example 'car dependency' is increasing - or issues about which expectations or needs are changing - for example 'availability and accessibility of green and open space' is an objective, the importance of which is increasing.

TISSUE trends and concerns

PRESSURE concerns and trends

Sustainable Urban Design

Sustainable Urban Transport

Sustainable Urban Construction

STATE concerns

RESPOND concerns