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VBE global network of experts;

VBE is an initiative for global effort to gain improved understanding and knowledge sharing on construction ICT adaptation. VBE global network involves a group of experts. Individuals in the group have experience, expert knowledge and skills in both software applications and the professions or disciplines the software is related to. They understand the relevance, the meaning and the quality of data used in a particular industry project, as well as real life implications of decisions made in the use of software.

This web portal is dedicated to knowledge sharing on construction ICT adaptation and solutions enabling this adaptation. There are certain limitations in published content. It is not our intention to present construction IT software or hardware. However, specific applications and products can be included when they are presented from the user's viewpoint and can thus explain the pains and gains in a structured way.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Tampere University of Technology, Virtual Building Laboratory
Professor  Arto Kiviniemi arto.kiviniemi@vtt.fi Professor Jarmo Laitinen jarmo.laitinen@tut.fi
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Senior Research Scientist Jukka Rönkkö jukka.ronkko@vtt.fi Researcher Mauri Laasonen mauri.laasonen@tut.fi
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Research Scientist Tiina Järvinen tiina.jarvinen@vtt.fi

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