Publishing Policy


This web portal is dedicated to knowledge sharing on construction ICT adaptation and solutions enabling this adaptation. Topics of interest are the following (though not exhaustive)

Quantification of benefits of using ICT in construction sector
ICT implication and benefit measurement models and metrics
ICT strategies and management issues in construction sector
Case studies of construction ICT implementations

There are certain limitations in published content. It is not our intention to present construction IT software or hardware. However, specific applications and products can be included when they are presented from the user's viewpoint and can thus explain the pains and gains in a structured way.

Distribution of published content

Published content is structured under following categories to enable readers easy navigation in pages (seen in the menubar on the top of the pages).


How to publish your material

We encourage creative designs and originality in your documents. We believe these general guidelines leave enough room for creativity. Documents not complying to the guidelines will not be published on the VBE-net portal until required changes are made. Final decisions concerning the publishing are made by the maintaining body. Maintaining body will inform the writer or the sender of an article.

Steps for publishing

1. Finish your article or document. Recommended delivery in two formats are: i) editable (e.g. RTF) and ii) firm (e.g. PDF).

Maintaining body has a right to convert delivered material to other format.

2. Define a suggested category for publishing (Solutions, Projects or Cases).

3. Specify keywords for your article or document for publishing.

4. Send material through email to webmaster. Be sure that all required information is attached: Author information, contact information, file in two formats (editable and firm), suggested category and specified keywords .

If you have any questions or notices concerning the guidelines please email to webmaster.