Topics of interest

Topics of interest are the following (though not exhaustive)

Quantification of benefits of using ICT in construction sector
ICT implication and benefit measurement models and metrics
ICT strategies and management issues in construction sector
Case studies of construction ICT implementations

Upcoming events

VBE global network involves a group of experts. Any individual can inform the maintaining body of an event related to the VBE initiative.

Please, email suitable events for webmaster.

2005 Jun 13-16th CIB 2005, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland. 11th Joint CIB International Symposium.

Past events

2004 Jun 15-16th VBE - Global Workshop, lake Tahoe CA, USA. Invitation-event for IT experts of utility models in property and construction sector.
2004 Jan 28th VBE-Finland Workshop, Espoo, Finland. ICT benefits measurement techniques.