Events related to VOSTER
PRO-VE'04 23-26 August 2004
5th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises, Toulouse, France.
ICE2004 14-16 June 2004
10th International Conference of Concurrent Enterprising, Sevilla, Spain
Virtual Organisations workshop on 15 June 2004, organised by VOSTER
CCE & DDECS 18-21 April 2004
Workshop on Challenges in Collaborative Engineering in connection with the IEEE on workshop on Design and Diagnostics of Electric Circuits and System. High Tatras, Slovakia.
ESoCE NET 1 December 2003
ESoCE Net Yearly Conference 2003: Industrila Forum on Evolving Value Chains, Rome, Italy.
Spronsored by: ARICON, VOSTER, CE-Net
PRO-VE'03 29-31 October 2003
4th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises, Lugano, Switzerland
VOSTER workshop on 30 October 2003 102 kB PPT.
e-2003 22-24 October 2003
eChallenges Conference & Exhibition, Bologna, Italy
ICE2003 16-18 June 2003
9th International Conference of Concurrent Enterprising, Espoo, Finland
VOSTER workshop on 17 June 2003: report 102 kB PPT
CCE 15-16 April 2003
E-Colleg project workshop on Challenges in Collaborative Engineering,
Organised by the Silesian University of Technology and sponsored by VOSTER in connection with the IEEE workshop: Design and Diagnostics of Electric Circuits and Systems, DDECS, 14-16 April), Poznan, Poland.
eSMART 2002 19-21 November 2002
Towards a European Research Area in the Construction and Related Sectors, Manchester, UK.
Smart Organisations 17 October 2002
Cluster sessions at eBusiness and eWork 2002 (e2002), Prague.
e-2002 16-18 Oct 2002
eBusiness and eWork Conference and Exhibition. Prague, the Czech Republic.
BASYS 25-27 September 2002
Systems interoperability and enterprise modelling. Networked enterprising. Multi-agent and holonic manufacturing systems. Integration of product and services life cycles. Cancun, Mexico
ECPPM 2002 9-11 September 2002
eWork and eBusiness in AEC - European Conference on Product and Process Modelling - Portoroz, Slovenia.
ICE 2002 17-19 June 2003
8th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising, Rome, Italy
(16 June 2002: CE-NET - Annual members' meeting of the Concurrent Enterprising Network of Excellence)
Smart Organisations 13 June 2002
Workshop on "VO typologies" at IST KA2 Concertation days, Brussels.
Organised by Joël Bacquet and VOSTER.
PRO-VE'02 1-3 May 2002
3rd IFIP Working Conference on Infrastructures for Virtual Enterprises. Algarve, Portugal.
VB Europe 2002 6-8 February 2002
Virtual Business Europe 2002 (exhibition), Brussels, Belgium
e2001 17-19 October 2001
eBusiness and eWork Conference, Venice, Italy