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ALIVE: Working group on Advanced Legal Issues in Virtual Enterprise

BAP: Business Architect Project

BIDSAVER: Business Integrator Dynamic Support Agents for Virtual Enterprise

CE-NET II: Concurrent Enterprise Network of Excellence

COVE: CO-operation infrastructure for Virtual Enterprises and electronic business

E-COLLEG: Advanced Infrastructure for Pan-European Collaborative Engineering

eLEGAL: Specifying Legal Terms of Contract in ICT Environment

EXTERNAL: Extended Enterprise Resources, Network Architectures and Learning

FETISH-ETF: Federate European Tourism Information System Harmonization - Engineering Task Force

GENESIS: Global Enterprise Network Support for the Innovation Process

GLOBEMEN: Global Engineering and Manufacturing in Enterprise Networks

GNOSIS Virtual Factory (ESPIRIT 28448)

ICSS: Integrated Client-Server System for a Virtual Enterprise in the Building Industry

ISTforCE: Intelligent Services and Tools for Concurrent Engineering

KM FORUM: The European Knowledge Management Forum

MASSYVE: Multi-Agent Agile Manufacturing Scheduling Systems in Virtual Enterprise Industry

NGMS: Next Generation Manufacturing Systems

NIMCube: New-use and Innovation Management and Measurement Methodology for R&D

OSMOS: Open System for Inter-enterprise Information Management in Dynamic Virtual Environments

PRODNET II: Production Planning and Management in an Extended Enterprise

SYMPHONY: A Dynamic Management Methodology with Modular and Integrated Methods and Tools for Knowledge Based, Adaptive SMEs

VDA: Virtual Destination Application

VL: Virtual Laboratory

PRODCHAIN: Development of a decision support technique to analyze and improve the performance of globally acting production and logistics networks