Sustainability and Performance Assessment and Benchmarking of Buildings



FP7 EU Project (2010-2012)

SuPerBuildings, a research project funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Cooperation Programme, has been carried out under the coordination of Dr. Tarja Häkkinen, from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, by a consortium formed by leading European organizations and companies: BRE Global Ltd. (UK); CSTB, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (France); CSTC, Belgian Building Research Institute (Belgium); KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany); CVUT, Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University (Czech Republic); IAO, Institute for Industrial Engineering Fraunhofer (Germany); TECNALIALAB, Fundación LABEIN (Spain); ÖGUT, Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (Austria); YIT Kiinteistötekniikka Oy (Finland); VINCI Construction (France); Werner Sobek Stuttgart GmbH (Germany) and W/E Consultants (The Netherlands).


SuPerBuildings project developed and selected sustainability indicators for buildings; improved the understanding about performance levels considering new and existing buildings, different building types and different national and local requirements; developed methods for the assessment and benchmarking of sustainable buildings; and made recommendations for the effective use of benchmarking systems as instruments of steering and in different stages of building projects.


The framework for the assessment of environmental, social and economic performance is being developed within CEN and ISO. SuPerBuildings considered the output of the standardisation processes and focused on the development of the validity of sustainable building indicators, comparability of assessment results, benchmarking criteria and the usability of indicators in building processes. The project also provided recommendations for the improvement of standards.

SuPerBuildings Final Workshop was held in Brussels on 18th December 2012. During the event, the main outcomes of the project were presented to a selected group of stakeholders. The presentations led to interesting discussions with the audience that gave a positive feedback on SuPerBuildings’ results. (Please, click here to access the contents of the Final Workshop)
Below are the comments provided by some of the stakeholders present,

“By summarising the main indicators of the different schemes used right now in the EU, SuperBuilding is not only providing a good overview for decision makers at EU and national level on what IS acutally assessed but - even more important - what CAN be actually measured. Keeping in mind that assessment schemes are not a goal on their own but also tools to provide information for policy makers who are focussing on global targets (e.g. energy efficiency, resource efficiency), the robustness of indicators (availability and quality of data) is essential. The SuperBuilding report will help to facilitate the dialogue between policy makers and scheme providers to improve both political targets and assessment schemes.”

Manfred Fuchs, European Commission (DG Enterprise & Industry)


“As a member of the Consortium of the OPEN HOUSE-FP7 project, I found the results of SuPerBuildings project to be very useful especially under the prism of OPEN HOUSE. In fact, the recommendations presented are a valuable guide for the refinement of the sustainability indicators developed in the context of the OPEN HOUSE building assessment methodology. In overall, the work that has been done both in the analysis of the current situation and the definition of indicators is of very high quality. Through this research, a common framework for assessing sustainable buildings is finally possible: Important steps have already been made in order to facilitate market movement towards a better level of sustainability and to have a common view on building sustainability.”

Eleni Goni, Architects’ Council of Europe
(also a member of OpenHouse project consortium)
SuPerBuildings’ expert team wishes to thank all those that have collaborated with us during the development of the project, specially our “friend” project OpenHouse. We sincerely hope that the results of SuPerBuildings can help to increase the sustainability of the building process.