Advancing Electronic Activities in Selling Construction Products 

Type of the project: Enterprise 
Status 10/2002: Ongoing  


The Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries (RTT): 

Contact person:

Jyrki Malmio:

Project summary:

A project for the application of electronic business in sales activities started in September 2000. The goal of the project is to work out the changes, possibilities and challenges followed by the introduction of e-business. This will be carried out by going through the present situation of the seven pilot companies and charting the possibilities of the new working methods. An e-strategy as well as plans for the future development will be worked out. The Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries (RTT) as the owner of the project will get data and a chart for possible actions, which can be used in the exploitation of the e-technology in the sales. This material is available for all the member companies. 

The pilot organizations are Finnsementti Oy, Lakan Betoni Oy, Lohja Rudus Oy, Novart Oy, Optiroc Oy, Paroc Oy and Sepa Oy. The clientele will be represented by Oy Alfred A. Palmberg and NCC Finland Oy. The companies' part of the project will be carried through mainly during the 2000 and the whole project should be ready in February 2001. The final reports will be used in the training programs of the members.