BASE-KuHa - Repair Management Software for FM 

Type of the project: Enterprise
Status 10/2002: Finished


Uudenmaan Valvontamestarit Oy:

Contact person:

Olavi Saastamoinen: 

Project summary:

Space Management 

Space Management is designed for flexible use for all type of buildings and spaces. Parametric structure enables also creation of own, specific space types. 

Quantity Management 

Quantity management enables quantity export from FM database for different contract purposes. 

Repair Management 

Repair Management is based on life cycle view and it enables anticipation of repair needs and efficient budgeting for long term. The system can be used on various detail levels. 

Conversions between Classification Systems 

System can convert the information between different Finnish classification systems (Talo80 and Talo90) 

Bar Code Input (v.2.0) 

The inventory and quantity survey can be made using the bar codes and specialized touch pad computer with a built-in Windows application. 

IFC Interface (v.3.0) 

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) by IAI (Industry Alliance for Interoperability) is a de facto standard for data exchange between different software.