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Type of the project: Enterprise
Status 10/2002: Ongoing


TektonSolutions Oy:

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Tera Group Oy 

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Project summary:

TektonSolutions Oy develops a new personalized management tool for the control of the business processes within the construction and facilities industries,, the service of which is provided over the Web on a project basis. 

The end product is a service, which is used through a browser, and which enables the control of parties, resources and projects during the design and construction phase. It also enables the data, once stored, to be utilized later on in the maintenance cycle. 

The objective of the to-be developed service is to create an open and neutral information and service platform, which enables a better use of the information between parties throughout the value chain, and thereby increased productivity through improved collaboration. 

In order to stay open and neutral for each and everyone, no single contractor or materials manufacturer can have a major equity stake or commanding position in the company operating the service. Tektonius will be built in managed phases through the value chain, and partner(s) will be acquired for each part of the value chain.