Development of IFC R3 HVAC domain models in BS-8 co-operation

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Ongoing  


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Veijo Lappalainen:

Project summary:

The project is VTT's contribution to the international IAI BS-8 project. The objective of the project is to extend the IFC 2x schemata to allow interoperability with building energy and other building performance simulation tools. The sub-objective is to integrate the models developed in earlier BS-7 project at the same time into the official IFC 3.0 model. The project will contribute to the expertise in the field of the product data technology as well as the simulation technology. An important viewpoint is the international co-operation, which promotes the transfer of the technology between participants. As the final result of the project the new version of IFC-product model will enable the building and system simulation for research and design purposes.

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