eLEGAL - Specifying legal terms of contract in ICT environment

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Ongoing  


VTT:  http://www.vtt.fi/

Other participating organizations:

Loughborough University (University, UK), Project co-ordinator

Masons (Solicitors, UK)
SEIB InformationsTechnologie Consult GmbH (Engineers, Germany) 
Dr. jur. Eduard Ott (Law office, Germany) 
Geodeco S.p.A (Consulting Engineers, Italy) 
Enterprise Net Finland Oy (Extranet service provider, Finland)
Ponton Software Technology (eCommerce consulting, Germany)
Fortum Engineering (Power plant engineering, Finland)

Contact person:

Juha Hyvärinen:  juha.hyvarinen@vtt.fi

Project summary:

eLEGAL is a research project within the European Information Society Technologies program (IST). The 'eLEGAL' acronym represents the grand title of "Specifying legal terms of contract in ICT environment". The use of ICT in project based business such as construction and large scale engineering is impeded by the lack of contractual frameworks which define legal conditions and contracts and of tools which provide such legal support. The full use of inter-enterprise ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is hampered by poorly defined responsibilities, overlapping communication techniques and mistrust. This causes difficulties to construction companies who enter into "Virtual Enterprise" arrangements which rely heavily on electronic exchange of information and documentation and which is currently not legally admissible. 

eLEGAL will develop a framework for legal conditions and contracts regarding the use of ICT in project business. The project will specify user requirements for legal and ICT support, implement legal support tools and promote an enhanced business practice in which the use of ICT in inter-enterprise information exchange is contractually stipulated. eLEGAL will develop software tools for contract configuration, negotiation and authoring which will be used as a "Contract Wizard". eLEGAL started on the 1st of November 2000 and the project duration is 24 months. Details of the eLEGAL project and public reports can be found on the eLEGAL web site.

eLEGAL web site:   http://elegal.vtt.fi/

Other programmes this project is related to:   IST-1999-20570