FACI - Facility Management Integration 

Type of the project: Enterprise 
Status 10/2002: Finished


Evata Finland Oy:   http://www.evata.com/ 

Contact person:

Tommi Tuominen:   tommi.tuominen@evata.com 

Project summary:

The project focus is in the core business process of building owners. FACI is aiming to improvement of management of facility information and development of office and other business facilities. One of the expected results of the project is to increase the productivity of office work by 15...30% and decrease the spatial costs at least 10% (the current level is about 40.000 Fim/person/year). 

The coordinator of FACI, Ruokosuo Architects, is developing in the project their international Workplace Re-engineering product. Olof Granlund Oy is developing their software products and Nokia Real Estate is developing methods and tools for management of facility information. 

The project is made in two phase, the first one is ending in June 1998. The project partners are building together some so-called office laboratories, where the possibilities and results of new spatial and process models (for example Alternative Officing) and technologies increasing productivity are tested in practice. A common task is also to study the information needs for facility management and develop data transfer from design and construction to facility management.