FinnST-1 - Finnish participation in the IAI ST-1 Steel frame construction -project 

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Ongoing  


Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association (FCSA):

Contact person:

Markku Heinisuo: 

Project summary:

The objective of the project is to develop mechanisms to support interoperability between building design and constructional steelwork computer applications by means of co-operative and complementary use of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and CIMsteel Integration Standards (CIS) specifications. For this purpose the project will develop an IFC Interoperability Adapter for CIS, i.e. a mapping specification between IFC and CIS object models. 

The Interoperability Adapter enables development of software interfaces and mapping processors for mapping product model data between IFC and CIS implementations. 

The FinnST-1 project is the Finnish contribution for the international IAI ST-1 Steel frame construction project. 

More information about the project: