IFC-Check, Analysis of IFC-based product model - implementation project

Type of the project: Enterprise
Status 10/2002: Ongoing


Solibri, Inc. :  http://www.solibri.com/

Contact person:

Heikki Kulusjärvi:  heikki.kulusjarvi@solibri.com 

Project summary:

This is a production project of a Design Spell Checking application. This continues the KAIMA research project, where IFC based product models were analyzed and studied with prototypes. 

Data transfer of product models enable a single building model to be transferred unambiguously and directly from architectural design to cost estimation. Likewise e.g. life cycle assessment can be made. 

When information is passed from one system to another you will have significant benefits (speed and accuracy) but it also new challenges. The huge information flow is no longer passing through human interpretation simultaneously correcting found problems and design errors. 

This is a task for the product model analysis to identify potential problems. Analysis, meaning Design Spell Checking, examines the correctness of relevant information and the feasibility of the design solutions.