IFC Compatible Product Models Based on Measurement and Drawings

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Ongoing 


Tampere University of Technology:   http://www.tut.fi/

Other participating organizations:

Tapiola-group:   http://www.tapiola.fi/
Senate Properties:    http://www.senaatti.com/
YIT Construction Oy:   http://www.yit.fi/
Technology Center Hermia:   http://www3.hermia.fi/english/

Contact person:

Tapio Majahalme:   tapio.majahalme@tut.fi 

Project summary:

Main objective of the project is to study possibilities to generate product models of existing buildings. The study will be based on adequately extensive, existing documents, and it will evaluate the usability of source information, modeling procedures and sufficient level of details. Results can be used as source information in projects where property owners are digitizing drawing archives, introducing spatial management or planning large alterations. Results will be also usable as source information for application development projects handling product modeling. 

Achieved results:

In most existing buildings only documentation are the drawings. In new buildings there are possibilities to use product modeling, which has been studied using significant research resources. This project studies practical means to model existing buildings. 

Project will evaluate the usefulness of drawings as source information. Site measurements based on user requirements are used as a reference. Work includes documentation of modeling procedures, contents of models and resource utilization. In practice the results are selection methods for usable modeling procedures in different conditions.