IFC Model Server

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Ongoing  


VTT:   http://www.vtt.fi/

Other participating organizations:

Secom Co., Ltd, Japan

Contact person:

Yoshinobu Adachi:   yoshinobu.adachi@vtt.fi 

Project summary:

The purpose of this project is to develop an IFC Model Server prototype. The prototype will be positioned as a basis of the future IFC Model Server products for BLIS project applications, and therefore the prototype will be built on standard technologies and have extensibility and scalability. In this development stage the focus is on IFC Release 2.0, because of the first wave of published BLIS project products. Tools and components that will be developed by this development project will be compatible with further IFC releases like IFC 2x. 

Project Homepage:   http://cic.vtt.fi/projects/ifcsvr/