Information Networking in the Construction Process - Survey: Design, Structural Engineering and FM 

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Finished



Contact person:

Arto Kiviniemi: 

Project summary:

The project was a feasibility study for Vera programme preparation covering the architectural design and structural engineering areas. 

Achieved results in the project:
The questionnaire was sent to 27 architectural and 17 structural engineering offices, 25 building owners and 7 CAD vendors. The response percentage was 37% (28/76). 

A typical feature was that the companies which are active in IT use or development were active also in the research. For this reason the results do not describe the average situation but the situation in the advanced companies. A common feature all companies saw the lack of skillful people as the major hinder for development. Also the inefficient use of networks and lack of standards and difficulties in data sharing were seen as major problems.