Integrated Information Management System for CNC Production of Light-gauge Steel Sceleton 

Type of the project: Enterprise 
Status 10/2002: Ongoing 


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Rosette develops integrated structural building frame delivery systems for light commercial and residential construction utilizing light-gauge steel.

The aim of the project was to integrate the delivery from initial customer interaction to frame skeleton installation on the foundation and make the whole process paper less. The goal was to cut cost of the frame delivery by 30 percent compared to other framing systems, achieve precision tolerances in the building frame and secure that also the auxiliary processes may benefit from an industrial quality structure.

The design of the frame components (walls, floors and roof trusses) is done using Vertex BD, incorporated with a structural engineering analyzing module. The complete skeleton is designed in 3D and will verify faultless assembly of the frame components on the computer screen before the design data is down loaded to highly automated CNC fabrication system. 

Rosette fabrication systems can accurately repeat designs without any human interaction and produce frame components in high precision (component tolerances +/- 2 mm over 10 meters). The ISO 9000-2000 quality assurance reporting is integrated with the delivery system. 

The fabrication process and interaction with delivery process partners (including contractors, builders and real-estate sales) takes place using the eArgos suite. The Rosette customer may build its multi-plant business infrastructure on eArgos platform. 

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