KIPI - Integrated Product Family 

Type of the project: Enterprise
Status 10/2002: Finished


Komartek Oy:

Contact person:

Matti Ahonen:

Project summary:

Komartek FM Oy developed KIPI facility management software into a module constructed product family. The new product group is fully reconstructed both by technology (new development tools, databases, user interfaces etc.) and by functions. 

Space management and rental operations have an extension, so that KIPI covers the activities such as space register linked to the drawings and plans, definition of rental values, preparation and management of rental agreements and payment control and data exchange between KIPI and the used accounting systems. 

The maintenance and service operations may be performed with the new KIPI system in the form of a service book. The system development process takes into account the needs of both owners and organizations supplying services like service, maintenance or consumption control.