KIPI - Graphics 

Type of the project: Enterprise
Status 10/2002: Finished


Komartek Oy:

Contact person:

Matti Ahonen:

Project summary:

The goal of project was to develop an addvanced AutoCAD based graphical space management extension for facility management software of second generation (KIPI - integrated product family). Extension was able to present color reports and read space management information of facility database. 

Achieved results:

The result of project was the facility management software extension for AutoCAD and advantageous lighter OEM version. Project was part of Komartek facility management software development work and helped in creation of KIPI - integrated product family.

Impact and added value of the technology programme:

Project got financial and intellectual support from the programme. Information channels of Vera gave also publicity for Komartek. Seminars and forums included current information in both national and international level. Standardizing data transfer formats supports also actions of Komartek.