Mass.A - Mass Customization in building industry

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Ongoing



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Project summary:

The Mass.A research is focusing on the new challenges and possibilities in the housing industry with emphasis on the end user Organizations and companies participating the research present a relevant combination of services within living and housing industry for the end user.

Apartments are being designed and built with methods that have been developed and modified by the needs of the building industry. Meantime design and production processes have been separately developing following the new technologies.

The Mass.A research is focusing on the new challenges and possibilities in the housing industry (housing design, marketing, advertising and product and building industry), with emphasis on the end user. If the needs and resources of the future resident have been structured in a way that allows the design processes and the user profile to contact trough common interface, using information technology, it is possible to find a suitable solution for the issue on consideration.

The Mass.A is researching the affects of mass customization on the building cluster and especially on the housing industry. The project estimates the changes needed in design and production processes and will produce a preliminary plan to set up an independent multidisciplinary platform for integrated research projects (LivingLab). The Mass.A research project studies mass customization from the point of view of both the users and the manufactures of the products and services. The aim is to research models that allow the needs and the products to meet in a way that benefits both parties. Mass.A is seeking to define individual needs to such profiles that will correspond to the solutions offered by the production.

One of the objectives of Mass.A is to present the participating organizations with an overall view to the affects of mass customization in living and design and manufacturing and production processes. It also aims to define the positions of the organizations in the entity in question, and thus to enable multidisciplinary co-operation and business operations.