MoPo - Models for the Construction Process 

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Finished



Other participating organizations:

The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden:
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia:
YIT Oyj:
Skanska Oy:
Parma Betonila Oy:
JP Talotekniikka Oy:
Rakennusliike U.Lipsanen Oy:
NCC , Sweden:
Tyréns , Sweden:

Project summary:

The MOPO (Models for the construction process) project aimed at developing IT-based tools for construction process analysis and planning as well as adaptable models which can be reused in a modular way as parts of company and project specific development efforts.

The other Finnish participant in the project was Kari Karstila:

Achieved results:

The purpose of MoPo (Models for the construction process) project was to develop models and methods, and computer-aided prototype tools for analysing and planning of companies in the construction industry. Moreover, the purpose was to develop process descriptions, which can be used in company-and project-specific development projects.

Results were company-specific. A process model of a project of a modular hamburger restaurant was developed using the IDEF0 method for Rakennusliike U Lipsanen Oy. Additionally, a the model was used to derive a process chart model, which describes better the temporal phases of activities. For Parma Betonila Oy, a process model of concrete element delivery as a part of a construction project was described using IDEF0, and also some partial models for design change management were developed. YIT Yhtymä Oy was involved in specifying a process-based business management system, which was also described with IDEF0 and was demonstrated as a web-prototype tool. In the first phase of MoPo-project were Skanska Oy, and JP Talotekniikka, with which a model of condition auditing was developed.

In addition to the company-specific results, a new generic construction process modelling method called GEPM was developed. It is based on earlier process modelling methods. The theoretical framework for GEPM resulted in a doctoral thesis. The method was utilised partly in companies. GEPM was implemented on a Lotus Notes platform combined with MS Project 98, Vision 2000, and BPwin 2.0 tools. Another general result was PIIP (Process Information Integration Platform), which studies the management needs of processes and the use of IFC for modelling the construction processes. As part of PIIP-work, two preliminary prototype tools were developed.


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