NTBC - New Technologies in Building Cluster 

Type of the project: Research
Status 10/2002: Finished


University of Art and Design Helsinki:   http://www.uiah.fi/english.shtml

Other participating organizations:

Elisa Communications:   http://www.elisa.fi/
Fortum:   http://www.fortum.fi/
Huoneistokeskus:   http://www.huoneistokeskus.fi/
Sonera Living:   http://www.sonera.com/
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):   http://web.mit.edu/ 

Contact person:

Jarmo Suominen:   jarmo.suominen@uiah.fi 

Project summary:

Building industry is functioning in a constantly changing and renewing environment. At the same time technologies are developed independently and freely from any particular environment. Therefore building industry needs up to date information on development of related applications structures and workflow concepts. 

The NTBC project searches and studies, compares and analyses these changes trough research and development projects in USA and particularly in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT. The NTBC project is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Medialab joint research project "House_n" in MIT.

The NTBC research project focuses on the building cluster as a whole; the development processes as well as design and construction, marketing and real-estate processes. The NTBC project analyses development views in building cluster trough new integration and network possibilities, and looks more carefully towards these problems from the point of view of end user. The term end user refers to the professional or non-professional person who needs and uses relevant accurate up to date information in networking environment. 

At the moment building cluster has been divided clearly to different sub processes. Design, construction and development have their own processes and financial solutions are created trough their own ways. Also marketing and real estate businesses run their own processes. However, the new technologies will make it possible - and likely- that these processes come closer together. Also once the lifecycle is taken in consideration in the whole building it becomes inevitable that new tools and concepts are needed. 

In order to analyze the possibilities of new technologies the NTBC research project is collaborating closely with the MIT "House_n" project. The end report of NTBC will contain the "House_n" project results on the practical information technology solutions and the ways for industry and research projects to collaborate. It will also explain and describe the future views of the "House_n" project; especially trough visualization, rapid modeling, interface and interactive collaboration techniques. 

The NTBC project will present new concepts and integration models for building industry and analyze applications needed for these possibilities. These new solutions and collaboration concepts will help industry and independent companies to be up to date in the flow of information when new technologies and solutions are developed. 

The NTBC project deliverables will include a report on commercialization, on the ways to collaborate and on the ways to maintain the competition advance in the research and development projects that are listed here. The report also contains an analysis on how to transform these solutions to the Finnish market. 

The NTBC project is focusing on the research projects below: 

Project Homepage:   http://www.uiah.fi/projects/tilastudio/urak/