ParmaCAD - System Tools for Construction Process From Element Suppliers Point of View

Type of the project: Enterprise 
Status 10/2002: Ongoing


Parma Betonila Oy:

Contact person:

Heikki Sarin:

Project summary:

ParmaCAD is an extension project to a Parma Betonila Oy's network tool development. Project includes control of data availability and quality in information chain between participants developing production and usage of elements and prefabricated components.

First phase was to create open design software ScaleCAD. First version is already in use in slab and frame production.

Main purpose of this extension project is to: 

Project is also improving the content and controllability of data and usage in concurrent processes, like project management, manufacturing and construction site activities. Emphasis is in the use of data and managing product model based (IFC) views of buildings and graphical interfaces.