Pipemodeler Software

Type of the project: Enterprise
Status 10/2002: Finished


In the beginning of the project: Cadex Software Oy Ltd:  http://www.cadexsoftware.com/
In the end of the project: Tekla Oyj:  http://www.tekla.com/


Pertti Alho:  pertti.alho@tekla.com

Project summary:

The project is developing Pipemodeler software tools for detailed modeling and design of pipelines in process plants. The development work is done in cooperation with the Swedish BLOCO AB and it has EUREKA status. 

Pipemodeler is not a competitor for so called pipeline design software which are used in process orientated design of pipelines, equipment and lay outs. Pipemodeler software is producing both detailed production drawings for manufacturing of pipes and assembly drawings for the work on site. The drawings are produced automatically from the database like reports. The user makes detailed interactive 3D model of the piping system which is stored in the database as a product data model. 

Pipemodeler is based on the same SystemCadex architecture of Cadex Software as SteelCad and ConcreteCad.