Type of the project: Enterprise 
Status 10/2002: Finished


YIT Oyj:

Contact person:

Jarmo Laitinen:

Project summary:


The project was based on EU 1077, COCON and FinnCore. These projects produced the definition and piloting of product model based information transfer. The information model for transfer was a neutral format, which was tested using OXF model by VTT. The structure was very similar to IFC Kernel/Core model and SPADEX project was taking the next step by implementing the IFC definitions. 


The goal was to use software based on IFC 1.5 final version in a pilot project. 


Phase 1

Definitions of information content for all project parties. The usability of IFC 1.5 and implementation requirements was checked. End result was class definitions for information transfer in pilot project. 

Phase 2

Develop the readiness to manage the project information by all project partners. 

Phase 3

Implementation of IFC 1.5 and possible extensions based on phases 1 and 2 in the software used by all parties. 

Phase 4

Pilot project testing information transfer using software developed in phase 3. 

Achieved results:

The report of the results in the SPADEX project is public. The document is available in PDF format on the Vera web site, and all the appendix files are linked in the document.

SPADEX project report