TIKLI - User Interface for Project Databanks

Type of the project: Enterprise
Status 10/2002: Finished


Granlund Kuopio Oy:  http://www.granlund.fi/

Other participating organizations:

Architect agency Riitta Korhonen Oy

Contact person:

Jukka Vasara:  jukka.vasara@granlund.fi

Project summary:

Engineering Office Granlund Kuopio Ltd. has investigated the present situation and the future needs of databanks in other Vera- project. The results of the project showed that there is no commonly used user interface application of databanks based on the Internet, which would be easy to use.

Based on the situation Engineering Office Granlund Kuopio Ltd developed modern application program for user interface of databanks. The project developed the program, which enables the maintenance of different sized CAD documents in the Internet server. Especially the usability in the site, contacts to authorities and control of changes was taken into account.

The user interface was developed as a dynamic website. The connection to the database on the server was made from browsers of the customers´ computers. The benefit of the software is that there is no need to do any changes in settings in user computers. All the project related settings will be made in the server.