VALE - Value Extracted from Virtual Value Chain 

Type of the project: Enterprise 
Status 10/2002: Ongoing  


YIT Oyj:

Other participating organizations:

Sonera Living Oy: 
CIFE (Center of Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University):

Contact person:

Jarmo Laitinen: 

Project summary:

Every company is competing in two separate worlds: physical and virtual. Physical world consists of concrete resources, and virtual consists of information. Managing simultaneously both worlds company add efficiently value to its customers. Remarkable issue is that physical and virtual worlds have very different value adding processes. This difference sets major challenges to companies' organizations. 

Competition in construction industry, as in other businesses, is going to move ever more into virtual value chain. Company that can add significant value by processing information is going to achieve advantage in global markets. 

Goals of the project are: 

Project deliverables will form basis for development of technology and business strategies in both companies. Deliverables will act as a guideline when companies are developing current, strong knowledge about virtual value chain in construction industry to future products and services. The project is also enabling future collaboration projects with local high tech companies.