Viraps 3b - Virtual Apartment Service Pilot Project 

Type of the project: Enterprise 
Status 10/2002: Ongoing 




Contact person:

Eero Ikäläinen: 

Project summary:

The Internet-based VIRAPS service brings user-orientation into the housing industry by connecting the databases of the various companies involved in the building process. 

The VIRAPS service allows customers to search the database for suitable apartments in their preferred areas. Customers planning their apartments with the VIRAPS service can customize them according to their wishes and make changes in their interior design. These decisions are divided into environment, construction and infill levels. The integrated cost-calculator keeps customers informed about how their choices affect the final cost of the apartment. 

User-orientation of the VIRAPS service benefits both customers and companies: customers can balance their needs and desires with the right price, while the companies can increase their turnover and adapt to the markets faster and more accurately. 

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