The projects are categorized in the following groups:  Letters in front of the project name:
1. Software Products R = research project
2. Service Products E = enterprise project
3. Process Development
4. Basic Technologies and Know-how
5. Surveys and Reports

Software Products

E MUST - MUlti-tier in Sophisticated Testing Project Solibri Oy

System Tools for Construction Process From Element Suppliers Point of View

Parma Betonila Oy
E Concept to define customer needs and support for decision making Visual computing Oy
E INTCON - Intelligent software for detailing and fabrication of pre-cast concrete structures Tekla Oyj

ProcuNet - Open Interfaces Based Electronic Business Solution for Construction

Artemis Finland Oy
E Bild-IT - Integrated Software Design Tool for the HVAC Industry Olof Granlund Oy
E IFC Next Step Eurostepsys Oy

JOINT - Development of Design Software for Steel Structure Joint

The Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association FCSA, NICESteel Program
E IFC-Check - Analysis of IFC-based product model - implementation project Solibri Inc.
E NetModeler Enterprixe Software Ltd.
E INTPRO - New Generation Integrated Software Applications for Structural Design Tekla Corporation
E KIPI - Graphics Komartek Oy
E IFC ToolboX project Eurostepsys Oy
E KAIMA - Knowledge Acquisition for IFC-Product Model Analysis Solibri Inc.
E BS-LCA - Product Model Based Management Of Environmental Impacts In The Building Services Life-Cycle Process Olof Granlund Oy
E CAD Software Based on the IFC Standard Jidea Oy
E BS-PRO - Product Model Based Information Management of Building Services Implementation Process Olof Granlund Oy
E WWW FM Software Rapal Oy
E QNS - Quality Network on Site Jyväsdata Oy
E TIKLI - User Interface for Project Databank Granlund Kuopio Oy
E KIPI - Integrated Product Family Komartek Oy
E Scale-CAD Parma Betonila Oy
E FM Network - Lease Management Sky-Data Oy
E FM Network - Register for Real Estate Miragel Oy
E FM Network - Space Management Kupari Solutions Oy
E LINK - Integration of Design Tools for Electrical Engineering Olof Granlund Oy 
AIO Group Oy
E Pipemodeler Software Cadex Software Oy Ltd
E Software Interfaces for Design, Construction, Marketing and Facility Management Jidea Oy
E Virtual Project 2000 Software Development: ELVIS 2000 HVAC Engineering Progman Oy
E Virtual Project 2000 Software Development: Architectural Design and Electrical Engineering AIO Group Oy
E Virtual Project 2000 Software Development: Facility and Property Management Viasys Oy
E Virtual Project 2000 Software Development: Contractors for Building Services Tietovalli Oy
E Virtual Project 2000 Software Development: Main Contractors ToCoMan Oy

Service Products


Developing Data Management Software for Building Services

ALMA Software Oy

ILCon - Information Lifecycle in Construction Industry

Buildercom Oy

Koti-Optimi - Browser Based Management System for One-Family House Construction

Suorakanava Oy
E Construction Project Partner TektonSolutions Oy

Potential of Information Transfer from AEC to FM

VES Virtual Enterprise

Product Code System for Building and Fitting Industries

E Next Generation GIS (Geographical Information System) Viasys Oy
E Computer-Integrated Project Management System in Construction Rakennuttajatoimisto CMC Oy
E Integrated Information Management System for CNC Production of Light-gauge Steel Sceleton Rosette Systems Oy
E Datasoft-DIME - Price Monitoring Service Komartek Oy
E Viraps 3b - Virtual Apartment Service Pilot Project Asuntosäätiö
E Product data management of ventilation components from manufacturer's point of view Halton Oy
E Digital Reporting in Collaborative Construction SRV Viitoset Oy
E Digital HVAC Product Information LVI-tietokeskus
E BQM - Building Quantity Management System ToCoMan Oy
E Management for Facility Life Cycle Costs JP-Talotekniikka Oy
E BASE-KuHa - Repair Management Software for FM Uudenmaan Valvontamestarit Oy
E R.E.I.N - Real Estate Information Network Kiinteistöalan tietopalvelut R.E.I Oy
E Interactive WWW Tools for Traffic Design Matrex Oy
E Project Server for SME's Suomen RaksaNet Oy
E Tecmi Software Siimisoft Oy
E Information Networking for Prefabricated Wooden Elements Iin Fasadi Oy
E 3D Modeling of Existing Buildings Tilat Oy
E TOTU - Information as a Part of the Product Onninen Oy
E Integrated Tendering System for Timber Houses Niemenharjun Puujalostus Oy
E KURNET - Extranet Solutions for the Municipal Proprietor Jyväsdata Oy
R VIRAPS - Virtual apartments University of Art and Design Helsinki
E PESU - Renovation Planning Application Architect Office Jukka Tikkanen Oy
E FACI - Facility Management Integration Evata Finland Oy
E IMIT - Information Management in the ThermoNet Delivery Chain ABB Installaatiot Oy

Process Development


Pro IT - Product Model Processes in Building Industry

Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT
E ePurchasing - using e-commerce as the part of the purchasing process of the building company Jydacom Oy
R Mass.A - Mass Customization in building industry University of Art and Design / Future Home Institute
E BS-Nordic - A Nordic Model for Development of Client Oriented Building Services Design Process, Data Management and Software Tools Olof Granlund Oy 
R Service Life Planning from theory to practical processes VTT Building and Transport

RASTI - Planning and Data Management System for Construction Process

Skanska Etelä-Suomi Oy
E Circulation speed of the stock at building site Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Oy
Y YIT Smart Housing Concept YIT Oyj
R eLEGAL - Specifying legal terms of contract in ICT environment VTT
E Product Model 4D - Construction Pilot Senate Properties
R Renoir - Life Cycle Asset Management Tool VTT
E Virtual Model for Construction Skanska Oy
E ETAP - Automation Project for Prefabricated Concrete Industry Euroquest Oy

Lapland's Vera

Rovaniemen teollisuuskylä Oy
E Quantity 2000 - Development of Quantity Survey NCC Finland Oy
E Spadex YIT Oyj
E Transfer Methods in the Networks for Trade Information in the Construction Industry CM-Systems Oy
E Management of Changes in the Construction Project Architect Office Riitta Korhonen Oy
E Deployment of IT on the Construction Site Rakennusliike U.Lipsanen Oy
R ELSEWISE - European Large Scale Engineering Wide Integration Support Effort VTT
E Development of the Data Management and Construction Process Skanska Oy
E ProPlan - Production Planning System YIT Oyj
E RECO - Reengineering of Construction YIT Oyj
E SUMA - Supply Management by Product Concept YIT Oyj
E FINNCORE - Construction Process Reengineering YIT Oyj
E Project Manual for Construction Clients The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (Rakli)
E Ratas Manual for Structural Engineering The Building Information Foundation RTS

Basic Technologies and Know-how

R Development of IFC R3 HVAC domain models in BS-8 co-operation VTT Building and Transport
R PC-VR - PC technology based virtual reality VTT Building and Transport
R BS-VE - 3D Visualization of Building Services in Virtual Environment HUT - Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
R IFC Model Server VTT
E PCC-IFC - Pre-cast Concrete Construction IFC -project Finnish Association of Conctruction Product Industries (RTT)
E Matrix Viasys Oy
R 3D Visualization of Building Services in Virtual Environment HUT -Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
R BS2000 - Product Data for Building Services Software Satakunta Polytechnic: Development and Research Centre O'Sata
R Osmos - Open System for Inter-enterprise Information Management in Dynamic Virtual Environments VTT
R MoPo - Models for the Construction Process VTT
R IAI BS-7 - Building Performance Monitoring VTT
R FinnST-1 - Finnish participation in the IAI ST-1 Steel frame construction -project Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association (FCSA)
R RINET - Building Product Database VTT
R Information Networks in Facility Management Tampere University of Technology
R VIRIL - Applications of Virtual Reality Technology for Building Construction Delivery VTT
R Construction IT Thesis Tampere University of Technology
E IAI: Assistant for the International Technical Director ToCoMan Oy
R IAI Forum Finland  VTT

Surveys and Reports


IFC Compatible Product Models Based on Measurement and Drawings

Tampere University of technology

Construction Process Management Tool Development - feasibility study

TektonSolutions Oy
E Advancing Electronic Activities in Selling Construction Products The Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries (RTT)
R Roadmap to Intelligent Product Model (IFC) VTT
E ProCE - Project Management and Organization in the Concurrent Engineering Environment Suomen Raksanet Oy
E VALE - Value Extracted from Virtual Value Chain YIT Oyj
R NTBC - New Technologies in Building Cluster University of Art and Design Helsinki
R Transfer of Finnish Information Technology to Japanese and Chinese Construction Business Markets - pre-study VTT
E Product Code System for Building and Fitting Industries - feasibility study Rasi
E Business Possibilities in Collection and Utilization of Facility Information Rapal Oy
R Strategic Development of Information Technology Systems for Real Estate Management Vaasa Institute of Technology
R Information Networks for Real Estate Management - pre-study Institute for Real Estate Economics
E Finnish Construct IT Center - feasibility study The Building Information Foundation RTS
E Finnish Strategy of the Product Modeling for the Building Service Domain Development Centre for Finnish Building Services Ltd
R TIMI - Benefits of IT in the Construction Industry ToCoMan
R SCENIC - Support Centres Network for IT in Construction VTT
R Alternative Methods for Product Modeling VTT
E HVAC Product Libraries in Networks Development Centre for Finnish Building Services Ltd
R Information Networking in the Construction Process - Survey: Building Material and Component Industry Eurostepsys Oy
R Information Networking in the Construction Process - Survey: Design, Structural Engineering and FM VTT
R Information Networking in the Construction Process - Survey: Main Contractors NCC Finland Oy
R Information Networking in the Construction Process - Survey: Building Services Olof Granlund Oy