OSMOS - Open System for Inter-enterprise Information Management in Dynamic Virtual Environments

Projektin tyyppi: Tutkimushanke
Status 10/2002: Käynnissä


VTT Rakennustekniikka:   http://www.vtt.fi/rte/


Matti Hannus:   matti.hannus@vtt.fi 

Tiivistelmä projektista:

OSMOS project develops Intermet based groupware environment to support non co-located teams in project based industries such as construction. The infrastructure will provide services for communication, co-operation, co-ordination and data exchange. OSMOS suggests migration from current document based information management towards semantic integration of documents, product models and project co-ordination information. Two OSMOS-based commercial Internet services will be set up as pilots. Deployment of additional groupware services in Europe will be promoted via interest groups in several countries and a European network of service providers. 

The scientific and technological results of OSMOS will be: 

Project Homepage:   http://cic.vtt.fi/projects/osmos/

PDF Document of the Osmos project