IFC/BLIS Software Seminar, November 13th 2000

Full programme is available on the Finnish pages

13:10-13:25 Current IFC 2x Model, Kari Karstila, Eurostep
14:15-16:00 BLIS Software Interoperability, Richard See, Microsoft Visio

BLIS Applications based on IFC R2.0:


  • Spatial design at early stage: SPE - Client brief -> space plan tool (export), qPartners
  • Architectural design: ArchiCAD 6.5 - building design (import & export), Graphisoft
  • Overlay design (furniture, HVAC system etc.), Microsoft Visio 10 - building design (import & export)


  • Visualization: Cortona - model browser/VRML conversion & viewing, CSTB ja  model browser/viewer, CSIRO
  • Product Model Checker - design checking, Solibri
  • QTE - quantity takeoff (import), qPartners
  • PECAD link - quantity takeoff and cost estimating (import), Timberline
  • ComCheck - energy code checking (import & export), PNNL
  • PSPro Server and RIUSKA in FM activities, Olof Granlund


  • COVE (Cost and Value Engineering), YIT
16:30-16:45 IFC Developer Tools, Kari Karstila, Eurostep